Thread: Kerninghan and Ritchie book, comments or reviews?

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    Kerninghan and Ritchie book, comments or reviews?

    I've read this book many years ago, and have began reading it again. It's a great and concise book on the c programming language. Does anyone have any good feedback on this book?

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    Well today I would say that that book is more of a book of the history of C. The C language has changed a great deal since that book was published and although it may give good insight into why some of the language constructs were "invented" it is a little out of date to use as a true reference for the language.


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    Like I said in that other topic - personally, I'd choose a book that covers at least C99, if not also C11. "C Primer Plus" latest edition by Prata covers C99 and C11. "C Programming A Modern Approach" by King covers C99.

    K&R1 is interesting from historical point of view, but that's it. K&R2 was published in 1988, just before the ANSI C (1989) and ISO C (1990) standards were published. Admittedly, there were some touchups, but still... End of 2016 nears.

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    It is a book every serious C programmer needs to have read or at least keep in their library. For many of the reasons above, and also that it was written by the language creators. The exercises are quite challenging too and if was completely honest I would say it's even better to read K&R(2) than Deitel's latest How to Program C book - which is just half C then two thirds of C++ and Java mashed together. *sigh* they used to be such a good company....
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