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    Book recomendation needed


    I have been jumping from c to c++ and so far I am managing to do what i want to do , but as I progress, I see that many things (concepts, structural designed), though working perfectly fine, are not in accordance with c++ philosophy , especially when it comes to larger projects. (Then the flaws of my design come to light)

    So, I am asking for an advice on a good (concise and straight to the point) book regarding template and generic programming in c++. Can someone recommend something. Even better would be a short primmer to get me started after which a good book would be of great value to me .

    Thank you !


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    I'd say, Acclerated C++ at first.
    After that read books like Effective C++ to pick up good habits.
    Then if you have the time or energy, Modern C++ Design or C++ Templates-The complete Guide.

    Here is a more complete list:

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