Thread: Book recomendation: Expert C Programming (Deep C Secrets) by Peter van der Linden

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    Book recomendation: Expert C Programming (Deep C Secrets) by Peter van der Linden


    Can I recommend this book:

    Expert C Programming (Deep C Secrets) by Peter van der Linden

    This is one of the best programming books I have ever read, and I also recommend it because there aren't that many good advanced C programming books. This book tells you stuff that no other book tells you about. Also covers some C++.

    It's written by one the C compiler developers at Sun computers, and he seems to know his stuff.


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    You can recommend it, but then as we don't know if you know your stuff, we don't have any clue if you are sufficiently competent to say that the book is good in being technically accurate, rather than just good at explaining things, but possibly with bad explanations.

    However, this Ars Technica review of that book mentions enough details for me to believe that the book is indeed a good advanced C programming book.
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