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    I occasionally play around with vim, and it has a lot of commands that I like that don't exist on other editors (especially "o"), though it still puts me off that I have to switch modes to reposition the cursor. And I do remap my caps lock key to ESC, it is much faster to press and strains my hand less, and I would say that Caps Lock is 99% nuisance and 1% helpful anyway.

    I also think that GVIM is better when possible (I don't use the mouse and menus, I like it because I find the shape-changing cursor very handy).

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    I've been using vim for a few days now. Darn good editor for touch typists. Every key seems to have a feature in normal mode. Initially I was annoyed by this, as i would accidentally turn some feature ON (like macro instead of exiting (by typing 'q' instead of ':q') but later as I understood them, I was really surprised at how easy and productive vim can be.

    My previous post seems to be deleted during the restoration of server backup. Anyways here is the link to the google video where Bram Moolenaar delivers a lecture on effective text editing using Vim.
    7 Habits For Effective Text Editing 2.0 that i posted previously.

    Another good article article on why you should use vi:
    Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?
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    I gave it up. I had a sudden realization that Vim had become just as big as the programming. Training myself on the commands, trying out plugins, developing the dexterity to not hit a stray key and end up saying, "WTF" aloud.

    I'd much rather just be a little bit slower, but worrying a lot more about what I'm doing than how speedy and badass I am while doing it. I'm using a barebones IDE named Geany on Ubuntu for when I need that type of thing currently.

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