This is a forum for posting reviews and ratings for programming books, software and other programming products. This forum is not intended for non-programming reviews.

This forum and the associated posting conventions are work in progress; feedback on the procedures is welcome. Do so here.

If you want to write a review

Is there already a thread for what you want to review? If so, add a post to it.

If not, create a new post with the title including the name of the reviewed book/program and, for books, the author (in first-last name format; e.g. "Scott Meyers", not "Meyers, Scott").

If it is YOUR product, do not create a new review without asking permission from a moderator first; otherwise, it will be deleted and you risk being banned for spamming. You may add to an existing review, but you must acknowledge your relationship with the product.

If you want to vote for a product

To indicate your opinion about a product that already has one or more reviews, vote for the thread.
If you want to find reviews

Search the board, or sort by thread rating to find the highest rated items.

If you want to do anything else
Don't. That's not the purpose of the board. Don't start side conversations or take threads off track on this board. Don't post threads that aren't reviews. They will be deleted, and you may be penalized.