Thread: Clone of MSN Messager Need How many days?

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    Clone of MSN Messager Need How many days?

    I am going to write a clone of main functions of MSN Messager with the functions like chatting, talking with webcam.

    I wonder how many man-days are needed for such a project?

    I estimated it's about 40 man-days. Is 40 days too long or too short?
    I am junior so I needed someone experienced to give a more correct estimation.

    Also, are there some third party classes I can take into my project to fasten the development?

    I just cannot find the answer by googling so I hope someone can answer me. Thanks a lot.

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    How long depends on your skill level (obviously) and how many features you want to implement. I'm sure you could get something done in that time frame.

    Understand that any real application you download or purchase is almost certainly measured in YEARS of effort, not days.
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    I highly doubt you would get anything close to MSN in 40 days even with a large team. It looks simple and underneath it's not extremely complicated but there are pitfalls along the way that you cannot see right now.
    The biggest item is you will have to not only code the client but also the server. The server would have to be multithreaded, fairly robust and fool-proof, and would have to serve a lot of clients effectively and do it while remaining relatively stable (who ever said MSN was stable anyways?).

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    If you write a Jabber client, there are servers freely available already.
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