First up, I hope I'm posting this in the right place ;-)

I'm (fairly) new to C++ programming. I have managed to get Code::Blocks installed and working and am getting my head around the wxWidgets GUI library. So far, I'm loving it!

Anyway, I'm developing an application for teachers when managing lessons. Part of this is to be able to log instances (bahavioural etc) on the main application (which is running on a laptop at the front of the room) without having to go to the front. My idea is to write a small client (probably written in java) which the teacher can download and use, via bluetooth, on their mobile 'phone.

  1. Are there any free bluetooth libraries out there which would allow me to set up this link?
  2. Can anyone point me at a really good tutorial on setting something like this up?
  3. (Obviously) I don't want students to be able to access the application, how do I set up security so that a phone needs to be authorised to access the application?

I look forward to hearing from anyone with experience in this area.