Thread: Creating a cheat proxy with winpcap

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    Creating a cheat proxy with winpcap

    Hi, i have no networking experience, so this is probably just a noob post which will annoy some people but if anyones willing to help id appreciate it.

    Theres plenty of guides on the net on how to send and receive packets, so i wont go there, but what i do need help on is figuring out where to send the packets.
    thats the tutorial if anyone cares.

    pcap_t* pcap_open  	(	const char *   	 source,
    		int  	snaplen,
    		int  	flags,
    		int  	read_timeout,
    		struct pcap_rmtauth *  	auth,
    		char *  	errbuf	 
    Im not entirely sure what the source is or how networking really works, but the pcap_t* struct is needed for
    int pcap_sendpacket  	(  	pcap_t *   	 p,
    		u_char *  	buf,
    		int  	size	 
    which i want to send.
    Looking at another program which does essentially what i want to do, its "send packet" dialog has an option for "socket ID".
    What exactly is a socket ID, and how would i determine what socket an application is using (mem reading i guess, i can do that).
    Or does winpcap work differently. Basically, if someone could in a nutshell explain to me whats needed to create a proxy which would allow me to capture and send packets (even block packets if its possible) with winpcap id be much appreciative. Thanks

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    Far too close to rule 6 IMO.

    I don't want to help someone who wants to ruin an online game by cheating.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    There's tonnes of tutorials on the 'interzweb'. Look at a few 'packet sniffer' scanner examples, that should get you somewhere. But as Salem outlined you could possibly be asking for malicious purposes, and I don't want to be involved with that.

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