Thread: operate system1 from system2

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    operate system1 from system2

    hi all
    i have two systems have internet connection.
    with deferent ip's.
    ex: system1 and system2
    how can i operate system1 from system2

    is there any way..

    thank you in advance

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    Linux: use the shell or redirect the X server to your screen
    Windows: use a tool such as PCanywhere. There is even a tool integrated in Windows XP that is called ... something like Remote Assistance.

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    There's another set of tools called "VNC" out there - serveral different versions/mods on the orginal. TightVNC is one - google for it. (It's free too...)
    Of course, do be aware of the obvious security risk of being able to remotely control a computer. (Choose a good password...)
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