Thread: Networking : sockets vs. boost

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    Networking : sockets vs. boost

    I kinda want to just say "Discuss", but I'm not going to :P

    These two wonderful suggestions were made to me in my other thread (thanks!!). I was up until the early hours reading about them, but I really can't decide which to use.

    If I am looking for maximum cross platform performance, which of these libraries should I be using?

    I will be transporting both UDP and TCP data.

    Thank you.
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    I've decided to write a C library to handle my sockets.

    I have a few reasons for deciding this :

    1) boost, though undoubtedly cool looking, seems to provide additional abstraction which I personally find makes it harder to understand why something works (and if you can't understand why, you have very little chance of getting close to what you want it do to!).

    2) I fear it would implement additional, needless code (though I really don't know whether i'm worrying over this for nothing).

    3) I like C and it gives me an excuse to use some. C++ is wonderful, but it makes my eyes bleed sometimes.

    I'm surprised no one had any opinion regarding this... Maybe you could shoot down my reasons for me instead?

    Thanks anyway!
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