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    Server and Client process

    Can some one give me some hints in how to solve this program. How can i communicate with the server? If you have anylinks or refence that will be helpfull feel free to tell me.

    Thanks for your help it will be appreciate it!

    The Client will randomly generate some text and send it to the Server
    the Server will then echo the text to all Clients including the name of 
    the Client sending the message. This will then be displayed by each of 
    the Clients that are attached to the Server.
    Server should continuously loop and accept messages from Clients
    and then echo them. Each client gets a unique name which will be passed to
    the server at the time when the connection is established.
    Run one server and ten clients for at least 100 distinct messages from all clients.
    Typical output may look like:
    Client1 sends: abba
    Client3 receives: From Client1: abba
    Client4 receives: From Client1: abba
    or... if you wish...
    Client1 sends: abba
    Client3 receives: Client1> abba
    Client4 receives: Client1> abba
    (remember that more than one message may pile up on one client; therefore, you need
    to allow a queue for each client... similarily, for the server)
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    We have a whole board just for network programming (which this thread is now in).
    The "sticky" threads at the top of the forum have much information, look through some of it.
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