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    help with h8/3069

    please please please
    help me with h8/3069 board
    anything about it especially using it in LAN

    thanks a lot

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    Help you what with it? Ask something specific or the answers will be just as generic as your question. Try the vendor's website, try google, try using your brain.
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    Well we were getting somewhere with the previous thread....

    Now, in the past month, did you do this (according to the website link you posted)
    In attachment CD-ROM, \ windows \ put.exe \ h8_os \ httpprog \ http.mot is copied in the suitable directory.
    Further to that, did you go looking round the CD to find out if the source code for that image was there, and how to perhaps build it yourself with some changes (say having your name in there?).

    But I see you've gone all helpless again with the pointless and information-free "please help" kind of post.

    Seriously, people who mess with embedded platforms like this need to have their wits about them, because there is so much that can go wrong and you get absolutely ZERO feedback in response.
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