Thread: how to include a "delay" in n/w progs

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    how to include a "delay" in n/w progs

    hi all,
    I wrote a client -server chatting program in C. I work on linux .
    The problem is : how do I make the server wait for the client to respond .
    I have used the select() function and set the tv parameter to some appropriate value. I have read the BEEJ's GUIDE ,but I could not clearly comprehend the exact funcion of the seletct() procedure...He has explained how to juggle around with multiple ports,but does not go in depth into "delay" aspects..
    Can anyone help me on this by sending pieces of code or may be directing me to an online resource which explains the select() procedure with examples


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    The select function tests for read/write/error conditions on file descriptors. Here's an example that waits 10 seconds for you to enter some data via STDIN, before giving up:
    (its from the faq)
    #include <sys/types.h>
    #include <sys/time.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
      fd_set          f;
      int             rc;
      char            buf[128];
      struct timeval  t;
    t.tv_sec = 10;
      t.tv_usec = 0;
      /* set descriptor */
      rc = select(STDIN_FILENO + 1, &f, NULL, NULL, &t);
      if (rc == -1)
        /* select( ) error */
      else if (rc == 0)
        /* no input available */
      else if (FD_ISSET(STDIN_FILENO, &f))
        rc = read(STDIN_FILENO, buf, 127);
        if (rc == -1)
          /* read( ) error */
          buf[rc] = 0;
          printf("%s", buf);
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