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    socket limit


    I just recently found out theres a limit for the number of sockets you can have with select model. The limit is set in FD_SETSIZE and uses fd_set structure.

    Since im working on a big application that needs to be able to do 4k+ connections, I need a much bigger limit. What would be the best way to achieve that? I could change the fd_set structure or FD_SETSIZE, or also use more threads for each fdset (1 thread for 64 sockets) but that would be useless and would take too much work and code to do it.

    What do you think it would be the best way to do that? I guess making a new fdset structure that would be allocated dynamicly.. I work with win32..

    Thanks for help

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    >1 thread for 64 sockets

    Actually for UNIX, FD_SETSIZE = 1024.

    I don't know is this an implementation limitation or a user defined limit. You can at least try to set the limit to whatever you want!

    A fd_set is actually an array of bits!

    I recommend you to check MSDN for detailed information

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSDN select
    The variable FD_SETSIZE determines the maximum number of descriptors in a set. (The default value of FD_SETSIZE is 64, which can be modified by defining FD_SETSIZE to another value before including Winsock2.h.)

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