Thread: please recommend C and C++ network library

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    Talking please recommend C and C++ network library


    can someone recommend C and C++ network library that support linux, unix and windows platform?

    plus, best if the network library can support most fo portocols and algorithms that available today such as UDP, TCP, SNMP, IPV4, IPV6, NAT, and etc etc....


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    You could just use sockets instread of using a higher level library. The socket library on unix type systems and windows (winsock) are very similar so it's easy to write portable code.

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    I don't think you will find anything with 100% support between windows and linux, but you can come close... and without any special made libraries... just basic ones.
    Please refer to Beej guide for network programming.

    The guide covers Berkley's Network related fucntions, they are pretty much the same for windows and linux, you need to include different headers and libs but everything you need is on your local OS.

    It will give a full support for IPv4 (and I think IPv6), TCP and UDP;
    As for other application protocols, I think you will have to Google it.

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