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    wifi network programming


    I want to implement a c/c++ program that allows communication between two pcs through their wifi cards. The way I am thinking of is having the same program running on the two pcs (or have some kind of client-server architecture).

    - The data are simply text.
    - Preferably C but C++ can also do. I am using gcc/g++ compiler.
    - I would like communication between
    a) linux - linux
    b) linux - windows (xp, 98)
    c) windows - windows (xp, 98)

    Now, by my questions you probably have figured out I have no clue about network programming... Some startup tips/links would ne mostly appreciated... An important thing is comm between linux-linux, linux-win.


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    i dont know about the wifi part but here is about the socket programming

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    Is this what you're looking for? Native WiFi

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    Quote Originally Posted by c++.prog.newbie
    i dont know about the wifi part but here is about the socket programming
    I agree, as far as your program sees it, there is no WiFi connection between the machines, it's all at the hardware level of the NIC.
    All you need to do is learn socket programming from the link above and you're set to go! GoodLuck!
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    Thanks a lot guys.... Your links and the tip that it is basically socket programming is a very very big relief.... Bob also thanks for your link to the windows wlan api. It can be probably helpful on the win-win communication.
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