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    can anyone tell me why always the uploading speed is less than downloading speed ?

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    If you have an ADSL connection that you are likely to have a higher downstream then upstream the idea being that users download more then they upload.

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    it is like a pipe in most cases.
    you have only so much traffic that can fit at one time in that pipe "threwput".
    since statistically most people like to download vs upload, the majority of the pipe is designated for download versus upload say for example split 3/4 (75% upload 25% download). if you wish to get higher speeds you either need to sacrifice download dedicated baud (number of bits per second that are transmitted) or get yourself a pipe with more threwput. this is a very abstract depiction based on cabled topology.
    satelite and spectrum is more of a technology issue.
    download is from a high powered transmitter
    upload is from a low powered transmitter.
    unless you are into research, and have access to mo power mo power.
    you could also be experiencing the weakest link issue.
    if you have a bad up/down link, that link will suck
    i.e. uploading from your location pushing 4mb up but the server your uploading to can only except data at 56k
    ok, my rammblings are done. hopefully it helps
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    i think the key point is your ISP. Since users make more download than upload, it is more convenient to give the larger portion to your download rate than makeing them equal.
    Since your internet data traffic over the whole network is limited by the ISP, and a normal user makes more download than upload, it will not make so much sense to make the rates eqaul!

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    >it will not make so much sense to make the rates eqaul
    IIRC it is also cheaper to install ADSL than SDSL. Most people won't care about upload speed, so it's usually good enough.

    That, and they can charge you enourmous amounts of money for having a simmetrical line.
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    Happy New Year !!!

    Thanks guys for your valuable posts

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