Thread: Win32 Serial Communication & DeviceIoControl()

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    Win32 Serial Communication & DeviceIoControl()

    Is it possible to use the DeviceIoControl() function to send commands directly to the driver for a COM port?

    I am developing a time sensitive Win32 serial port application where I periodically need to change the parity of my serial data. Calls to Get_Comm_State() & Set_Comm_State() to update the parity are taking too long. I observed (using a serial port monitor) that these get and set methods do alot of unnessecary things like seting the baud rate etc.

    It would be nice if I could use the DeviceIoControl function along with the IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_LINE_CONTROL command (or similar) to quickly change the parity from within my application. Am I living in a fantasy world or is this a possibility?

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    I don't believe there is any device control code which can be used to change the parity on a COM device.

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