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    Question simple question regarding switches

    Here goes:
    How many switches can there be connected one to the other?
    Uplinked i mean......

    [ sw1 ] -> [ sw2 ] -> [sw3] -> ......... [ sw x ]

    How many can there be linked? 5... 6... 1000??

    Is it true that metric increases when the packet passes from one switch to another?

    Thank you.

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    Let me see.... A B C of networking....

    Basicly you can connect as many switches as you like. The only limit is the switch AFT size.
    When you connect switches with either an uplink or a trunk each switch will learn all the mac addresses on the network. So, it's recommended to center switches with another switch, and by that avoiding a long chain of switches.

    As for the metric increase in switches... there's no such thing.
    There is a metric increase, in routers! A hops count, if you wish.
    So unless your switches are also routers (a routing switch), all of your users should be on the same ip segment (unless you setup vlans... but that's a whole story on it's self.)

    I suggest you read alittle on the second layer (DataLink layer) of either the OSI module or jump into the real world of TCP/IP. You need to understand how the LAN networks work, and the difference between a switch and a router.

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