Thread: problem with data cast

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    problem with data cast

    Hi everybody!!!!! I need to pass an int array through send() function and I do it in this way:

    server side:
    int array[10];
    char* buffer;
    buffer = (char*)malloc(20);
    buffer = (char*) array;
    send(socket, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 0);

    client side:
    int *array;
    char *buf;
    recv(socket, buf, 20, 0);
    array = (int *)buf;

    According to you, what's wrong? Data I receive have different values from those I send. Where is the problem?

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    array = (int *)buf ? Can recv() accept an integer parameter?

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    > buffer = (char*)malloc(20);
    1. you cast malloc - this is not necessary in C - see the FAQ
    2. you seem to assume that sizeof(int) is 2. If this really is the case, your compiler is too old

    > buffer = (char*) array;
    You just lost the memory you allocated.

    > send(socket, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 0);
    1. you don't check the return result.
    2. sizeof() on a pointer gives you the size of the pointer, not the size of the thing it points at.

    result = send(socket, array, sizeof(array), 0);

    > According to you, what's wrong?
    Pretty much every line of code you've written has problems.
    Start by
    a) learning C
    b) reading all the tutorials in the announcements on this forum
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