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    I wasn't planning to write a complete web browser, just seeing how to write a program which can send and receive data to and from other computers.

    I'll stop working on this now since its not for beginners. But I did learn a lot from this program, and faster than I'll learn if I just learn from guides that teach me to do absolutely nothing with something they are teaching.

    Thanks for all your help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitaltsai
    O bleh.
    I meant to put quotes around that
    the include iostream works!
    I don't see why we need to include all these files. Why not just include like one file that is a combination of everything?
    #include brings code froma header file into your application, eventually it combines into one big CPP or C file now if you included all these headers even ones you dont use you would have an extremly large .exe file unlike DLL's were code is loaded @ runtime but dont worry about that at the minute.

    Quote Originally Posted by orbitz
    Please, If you are a beginner at C, then don't attempt to write this.
    give it a rest man, i came to C++ straight out of PHP and learn pretty much all of abouts C++ tutorial in two days. its not hard.
    give him encouragement not put him down or halt his self confidence by saying you shouldnt do this or you cannot do this etc. (no offence bud)
    New Function!!!!


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    If you think you learned all about C++ via tutorials in 2 days then yo uare very naive. C++ is a massive language that takes years to become proficient in. And I prefer to be realistic instead of hopelessly optimistic.

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