Thread: servicing COM port interrupts

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    servicing COM port interrupts

    this is a code which i have picked up from the internet....
    now after i run this code ,i dont any kind of in the code is not able to sense the interupt .that is the reason when it does not read anything coming in from the port.i want to capture the stream of data coming in via the modem through COM3.but the problem here is i m not able get any output for this prog.

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    Lemme guess, you tried to compile this using some new compiler on some new OS?
    Look at the dates - 1990 - that's old!!!!
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    no!!! i have compiled it using Turbo C compiler...
    the problem for me is ,i m not understanding wht shuld be the output ideally??

    thank u.

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    you will not see anything on your computer's screen unless you attach something to the serial port that will echo (send) something to the serial port so that the program can capture and display it.

    It may only work with MS-DOS 6.X and earlier, or Win95/98. I double it will work at all on Windows 200 or XP.

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    Capture from network interface instead of port

    You may want to capture from the protocol stack instead of directly from the port. You'll need a newer compiler though.

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