Thread: Reading/writing a file from/into server

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    Reading/writing a file from/into server


    Please disregard my similar posts to this one on C and C++ programming areas; those threads may be deleted (I was adviced to post this here instead).

    I'm making a game and would like to have hiscore table saved on my own server in the net. However I don't have any knowledge about programming server related things on C.

    So, could someone enlighten me?

    To put this matter in smaller pieces, below are two topics

    1) How to connect to a server (and close connection)
    2) How to read (and write) file from (into) a server

    Answers and exmaple codes highly appreciated.

    I would like to keep this matter as simple as possible: as ANSI C as possible.

    I apologize if this matter has been discussed earlier on this forum.

    Thank you.


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    Um if you are asking these questions you most deffinatly should not be programming this. ANSI C has no concept of servers or clients or sockets so it is impossible to do this with pure ANSI C. HOwever you can google for Beej's guide to networking, and infact URL's to the various beej's mirrors are litered throuhg this forum so you might want to read some of those posts.

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    Sockets are not really ANSI C'ish. As said before look for Beej (google it) and you will find basic information of server setups. I would say master 1 and after getting that THOROUGHLY down, then try extending to 2. I guarantee you, that you will need a decent understanding of sockets and server setups before you try 2.
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    You also might try playing with them in another language that hides some of the evilness of sockets from you in C.

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