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    Quote Originally Posted by xviddivxoggmp3
    firewall source code.
    open source.
    you would have to learn from the code
    Problem is, is that that source isn't free...sure, thats good, if I want to pay $480 USD...I'll try reposting in the Neworking section as some of you suggested.

    EDIT: I see a moderator already moved this over. Thank you to whoever that was. =)

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    Heh, thanks, I'll look at some of the codeproject examples and post back if I have any trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forsaken_dragon
    I'm not a noob, of course I googled it.
    Quote Originally Posted by forsaken_dragon
    I have googled this issue.
    Oh, did you?

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    18 posts... and 90% useless! it's funny how much energy people are ready to spend on "google it" posts

    ok, back to the topic
    you're writing a firewall and yet all of the posts are only dealing with intercepting the packets, what about the actual packet/application block (btw, what kind of FW did you have in mind?)

    here is a source-code i've found, a complete windows based firewall:
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    oops,i thought that site specifically stated its source was free, i guess it is just the program.
    check this out.
    sourceforge has a good amount of firewall resources available.
    the majority of this is *nix based, but it may give you some ideas.
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    Alright guys, thanks for the links - I got it working...

    Thank you for those that helped, screw you dwks.

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    Part of the problem forsaken_dragon, is that this is a fairly in depth project. Not a lot of us have the time to create and entire outline of what you need to do. When posting on this board it helps to have specifics. Work the problem up and you will get a much better response. Think of an outline and follow the steps (ala programming), and you will find a much better rate of success here. If you need specific questions answered you will find a lot of good info from people here, but if you are too abstract you will find a mess of info, some you will like and some you won't.

    For instance, if in the firewall you need to know how to do RAW packets, then here would be the place to ask, or perhaps you needed to know about other things like changing packet headers, also probably a good place to ask.

    There is no reason to flame people here either, lots of people here have good input, flaming on the regular boards does nothing constructive or useful. There have been tons of people here who ask, can I ask how to do this? They ask, and never listen, hence some of the hostility you might see.

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