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    networking comfirmation

    Hey guys, i need some comfirmation about networking programming.
    I learnt win32 api programming and i think im comfortable enuf to move on to someting advanced, i wish to try out Networking now.
    I have a web server which im working on with right, uses PHP scripting and mySQL server database.
    Can i write a program to connect to my server and retrieve information / insert new database things ?
    Can i write a program to connect to my robot ? i know this sounds funny but im learning robotic and maybe i could connect to my bot and get information about what he is looking ( via the cam u know ) or get the temperature blah blah
    Is this what networking is all about, what other uses can i do for networking?
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    Most definitely!

    I highly recommend Network Programming for Microsoft Windows, Second Edition by Anthony Jones and Jim Ohmund.

    Check out these websites.

    Check out my website for software development links.


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