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    Looking for PPP server

    Hello, I need to use a WinXP PC as PPP server, sothat I can receive outcoming connections through the modem. Is this possible? Is there any PPP server class/library I can use?

    Thank you very much for help,

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    Well the basic answer is download some suitable application, and punch a hole in your firewall to allow connections on the port(s) it listens to.

    On the other hand, my usual interpretation of 'PPP' makes no sense in the context of being a server
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    Perhaps you're right, I'm new to this kind of problems and I'm learning time after time: perhaps my concept is wrong...

    My basic task is to send a file from a Palm handheld to a WinXP PC through a direct modem connection (not passing through a Internet Service Provider).

    Until now, I understood that PPP = Point to Point Protocol is a direct connection from a caller ( a "client"? ) and an answering PC (the "server"? ). I know that to use the PPP as "caller" is simple and wide used ( it corresponds the normal modem connection form of Windows, which reports the login, the pwd and the tel. num. of the ISP), but how can I make a PC to "answer" to the phone call, establish a PPP link and at the end let me know the IP address of the caller (so thatI'm able to do data transfer through sockets)?

    It's about one month that I'm looking around about this problem. I solved it building my own protocol, using AT Commands and serial connection, but I'd like to use something better


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