Thread: Building your own IP header

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    Building your own IP header

    Hi Folks,

    I am developing a protocol traffic generator. I need to be able to start the traffic with different source address to different destination addresses.

    basically I need to costruct my own IP header. I understand one way to do it is using raw sockets. Can someone point me to some links on how to construct your own IP header using raw sockets.

    I am developing on Linux with gcc compiler.


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    You might look at nmaps source, as I believe it does this. I think it only chages the source IP for one option, but I know it uses RAW sockets, and creates the headers itself so it can set the various flags itself. You should still be able to get an idea I would think.
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    This post:
    has many good links, and for a raw sockets guide take a look at the link i incuded there.


    p.s: microsoft just killed rawsockets on windows forever with their latest security patch - MS05-019.
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