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    getting linux on the net

    I've used a couple linux livecds and I noticed whenever I use it on my standalone computer and try to access the internet i'm unable to. however, if there is a network - like say in the office or a home network - all i have to do is plug the ethernet cable in and launch a browser and i'm automatically connected to the net. does anyone know why this is or how, i'm not too familar with networking as of yet.
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    first off, have you tried to configure every thing. If its possible, you can probably just run dhcpcd as root, which if a dhcp server is running, should get all the nessacary settings for you, and be on your way.
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    First you configure the modem. if modem is configure then you run internet on standalone computer. if your modem is not configure then you can't run internet.

    And my friend (Xipher)your answer is correct if (caroundw5h) is run internet on server computer. because dhcp is used only for clint/server computer.

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