Thread: basic tcp/ip communication

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    basic tcp/ip communication

    I've been programming in Borland C++ for about a year. I was wondering if someone could help me with a networking program through dos. I've heard of people typing on one computer and it showing up on another using serial ports. I'm a complete noob in the subject and would appreciate some help.

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    I'm not sure exactly how that's done, but I assume it's done just via a standard network connection. Read up on sockets (the basic building blocks of network communication):

    DOS by itself could not work with sockets, however I know I've seen a patch that makes it possible. I'll look for it and let you know. Of course, if you're just referring to the Console Window you can pop-up in Windows and not an actual DOS Operating System, then you're fine.

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    Found it! And it's even targeted at Borland compilers - lucky you. Go ahead and learn how to use sockets (Beej's guide focuses on working in Unix, but it's amazingly similar in other environments), and then take a loot at the above library, or Google for some other options.

    Good luck.

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