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    ChatProgram not working

    Hi. I have made a chat program, and error-handeld every single part of the network-code..(I think).
    When i try to test the program on my network, the client connecting the listening-chatprogram, think it is connected,
    and the listening chatprogram dont seem to react to the connection...

    (yeah, i have tried to turn off the firewall).
    I am using Dev-C++, programming for windows.

    I have included the source-code so far...
    Can anyone see whats wrong?

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    The first thing you might try is setting the socket that you accept with WSAAsyncSelect:
    clientSocket = accept(listeningSocket, NULL, NULL);
     if (WSAAsyncSelect(clientSocket, hwnd, WM_WSAASYNC,  FD_CONNECT | FD_WRITE |
                                            FD_READ | FD_CLOSE)!=0) //set up asynchronous sockets
                                //request WRITE, READ, CONNECT, and CLOSE messages be sent
    I had a problem like this and that solved it for me. Of course, I'm no expert at network programming, but it's worth a try.
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