Thread: connect() returns -1

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    connect() returns -1

    Hmm...I get a errormessage saying connect() returns -1...
    (Yes, thorugh error-checking)

    What do this mean?
    -1 arent on the MSDN-list of possible errors

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    MSDN says connect() returns SOCKET_ERROR if the function fails. SOCKET_ERROR is probably defined as -1. Call WSAGetLastError() to get the actual error code to get more information.

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    You will find that the errors in all caps, are sometimes a defined error number like

    #define ERROR -2
    #define OTHERERROR -1
    If any part of my post is incorrect, please correct me.

    This post is not guarantied to be correct, and is not to be taken as a matter of fact, but of opinion or a guess, unless otherwise noted.

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    Yeah SOCKET_ERROR is defined as -1. So basically yeah you aren't connecting, use WSAGetLastError() to see whats up . Assuming you are using winsock of course.... oh I am repeating what bithub said... oh well.

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