Thread: A really weird problem. I understand the error, but not a clue why I get the errors.

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    A really weird problem. I understand the error, but not a clue why I get the errors.

    I'm writing a program that is made of several cpp files, and when I link them together, and try compiling them, I get errors like the ones below, but when I change the name of the functions(eg. void joinsession(); becomes void join1(); ) it compiles fine a few times, but after a while the errors come back, even when the code has hardly changed, and the only way (that I know of) to solve it is to change the names again. It's really starting to annoy me, but I have no idea why it does it.
    Any ideas?
    main_winsock.o(.text+0x22):main_winsock.cpp: multiple definition of `joinsession()'
    Project1.o(.text+0x22):Project1.cpp: first defined here
    main_winsock.o(.text+0x288):main_winsock.cpp: multiple definition of `hostsession()'
    Project1.o(.text+0x288):Project1.cpp: first defined here

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    Well, right off the bat I can tell you that people are going to slam you for not posting the relevant code, but I can take a guess at what is going on here. I really think you should read this tutorial on including multiple files in C++ project

    As a general, create a header file and have all your function prototypes in it. Then create the associated cpp file, named the same as your header file, and place the function definitions in that. Then just include your header file when you need to use those functions in your other files.

    Additionally, you may find this thread useful.
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