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    vpn not working

    I have a 2000 domain set up with the server running RAS behind a router. The router has port forwarding set up to allow vpn (linksys befsr11). I know the forwarding works because I tried it with the forwarding set up and with the server set up as dmz (everything forwarded to the server in that case). Whenever I connect to the server it connects, then hangs on verifying username and password, then finally times out after a few minutes. I cannot figure this out. I tried this both from a remote location and from the local ethernet (going out and coming back in in that case). I didn't set up vpn when I first configured routing and remote access, but after looking up on it I only had to make a couple of changes to the existing setup. I know that the username I'm trying to log in with is allowed to connect remotely so it's not that. I searched other forums and googled but most of what I found was either not related or cryptic so I'm hoping someone here as dealt with this before. Thanks.


    just so you know, I think the router is a POS.
    I upgraded the firmware per linksys' instructions and did everything they said to do and it still doesn't work, and for some reason I can't even ping the router from home right I'm probably just going to purchase a router that I know will work with vpn unless someone has a better suggestion
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