Thread: cancatonating ethernet packets..

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    cancatonating ethernet packets..

    I know this probably insn't the correct forum for this question but...I wanted to see if anyone could show me how to cancatonate two ethernet packets. The problem I'm running into is this:
    I have a packet that is over 2500 bytes in size. The limitation I'm running into will only allow me to send a max packet size of 1500 bytes...(I believe this is an ethernet limitation on the max allowable packet size you can send?). Is there a way to send part of it and then send the other part and then on the recieving end put the two packets back together?


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    Doesn't TCP/IP do that automatically? I may be wrong, but I think so.

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    Actually I believe it does.
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    TCP/IP acts as a stream, as far as I know - there is no distinction between 'packets' other than the perceived boundaries that you may try to emulate.

    >>will only allow me to send a max packet size of 1500 bytes...
    TCP will split and join packets for you into a stream of bytes. Of course, if you're talking about UDP or something lower level, you'll have to do all the joining up yourself. Chances are though, if you need a packet larger than the limit then you should consider revising your protocol.

    You should post this question in the Networking forum, you'll probably get better responses there.
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