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    Machine Simulation

    Hello, Im trying to figure out how to program a serial port with events. I mean, I have a device with some buttons and one footpedal, and I want to use the serial port to transfer the data to a microprocessor and make the simulation.

    how I should do it?

    Is it possible to use events programming in serial port?

    Should I use MIDI port?

    Thanks very much.

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    Can you be more specific?
    Like which OS/Compiler you have, and which microprocessor you want to simulate

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    The project is a digging machine simulation. I have the cabine, with some buttons and one pedal, the 3D programming is made in C++, I just have to do the device communication program: need to transfer the data input from the cabine to a microprocessor (it doesnt mind which one), and the output to the simulator program (made in Visual C++)

    SO: Windows.

    So... I said first serial port, but is it better parallel port?
    Do u know any C library to do this?

    Please help, I dont know how to undertake this project.


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    Yeah go get




    Of course there isn't a C library to do this. We are not even sure what you need to do. You must know how to interface with the processor and you must know what it expects in the data stream.

    There is a lot more than just hooking this into that and so forth.

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    yes, sorry if I didnt explain correctly, but Im spanish

    I was asking if u know any library to program serial port, or parallel port.


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    The Windows API provides functions for reading and writing data to these ports.

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