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    how to start coding for this ?

    1) ping all defined machines in the network from time to time, and
    alert (by an indicator on a web page or screen) when some machine is
    (2) periodically check HTTP and FTP ports of important machines (like
    your intranet server) to verify that services are running and
    responding properly
    (3) can check if there is any networking problem like ping delay or
    HTTP server responding slow
    (4) sysadmins can add custom service ports (other than HTTP/FTP) to
    their checklist
    (5) your application will then check if those ports are open from time
    to time
    (6) sysadmins can also define ports which SHOULD NOT be open on any
    machine, for example, IRC 666

    This is what i am trying to code in C , can someone show me the way
    how to start coding and proceed so that i can learn . I have coded
    some sockets . yet am facing probs in coding this project ... details
    on how to report error when a node in network timesout is highly



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    first of all you will need to learn network programming.
    i suggest:

    this will give you basic (plus) network programming knowledge, but for sending your own PING you will need to learn how to make a raw socket, in order to create an icmp packet:

    this is as far as i can help you, the rest is up to you.

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