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    Port Scanner

    I have decided i would like to try and make a portscanner using winsock. I have a little experience with network programming, but only basic sending and recieving messages. If i understand correctly could i check for a ports status by just simply trying to connect to it, if i get an error- it's closed?
    Is this how 'good' portscanners work? or do they do something far more intelligent than i could ever imagine?
    i look forward to any responses, hints and tips you can give me.


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    Thats how the simple ones work, simply trying to connect, and seeing if an error occurs or not. More advanced ones may use whats called half open scans. Check out for more info. Its also the home page of Nmap, which happens to be a popular port scanner.

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    yeah mean the best port scanner

    another important thing you will need is threads or multi-process to make the scanner as fast as possible, because if you're planning to connect each port and wait for it to timeout, it will take you forever.
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