Thread: Need RSA encoder / decoder / keygen

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    Need RSA encoder / decoder / keygen

    I need an RSA encoder / decoder that has the following functions

    void GenerateKeys(char *d, char *e, char* n);
    void EncryptDecrypt(char *result, char* source,
    char* e_or_d, char *n)

    It has to be reliable and fast.

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    There's this really cool thing called Google. We won't do your homework for you, but it might, if you're lucky.
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    There aren't any with those properites on google other than the one I'm already using, which is slow and unreliable. If there was, why would I be asking here?

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    Because most of the new people at this board aren't as inteligent and as respectful as you. Welcome to the boards. I'm afraid I can't help you, however.

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    1. Buy a book/read a web site about how RSA encryption works
    2. Learn how to program
    3. Write your own RSA program
    4. Come to us when it doesn't work
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