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    Is This Fast


    I am currently writing a chat program. It is a fairly advanced Chat system. It is actually comparable to IRC. Although my chat system has added features such as Voice Communication Support and Advanced File Sharing Features. Anyway, I still have yet to finish it but was testing some performance stuff on my ChannelHandler class. I can create 20000 channels (all with topics and passwords and names and several more options) within 17seconds. I was wondering if this is a good time or not. This test was done on a 2.0ghz Pentium 4 with 1gig RAM. Its creating approximately 1170 Channels / second. I just need to know if this is fast enough to compete with IRC in speed and performance. Memory usage is also only at 20megs.

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    You can't really measure that kind of performance in seconds like that. You also have to measure how much your program grows over time, if it slows down noticably, etc.

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    Does it allow multiple servers to synchronize like IRC does? (Yay netsplits)
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    is it opensource
    test it out over a network, try createing every situation possible and measure load times and such.
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