Thread: IP 4 vs IP 6

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    IP 4 vs IP 6

    I'm writing an HTTP server in C# and I'm not sure what to put as the first parameter for a Socket constructor - is it better to us IP version 4 or 6?

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    IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol that may eventually replace IPv4 which has been used for the last ~20 years. You're not connected to the IPv6 internet and you're computer is probably not configured to use IPv6 (although XP can use IPv6).

    Therefore, you must support IPv4. It is up to you whether you also support IPv6 to 'future proof' your application. To do this you have to bind to both the IPv4 endpoint and the IPv6 endpoint and essentially run two instances of your server. See IPv6 Guide for Windows Sockets Applications for more information.

    Search for IPv6 or 6Bone for more information.
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