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    Hey everyone its been a while but thats okay....

    i want to port my game that i've made so that its multiplayer for one and the 2 so that its over a network. i know that there is a networking board and i will be posting there to but i would like to know how i could set up the code so that there could be more than one person playing in the same game

    any hints or suggestions would be help full.... thx in advance...

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    Look into multi threading. Have on thread that waits for people to connect and then launches the other threads that load the data and process the information.

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    You could also use one of the asyncronous facilities Win32 provides, such as completion ports, completion routines, WSAAsyncSelect WSAEventSelect, GetOverlappedResult. Look them up on MSDN, it should get you started. Additionally, take a look at

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