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    TxD line high

    Hello All,

    I have an Serial port application, where I need to make TXd line stay high for specified amount of time. Wanted to know, how do I do this? This will be done after configuring the UART port.

    Please let me know...

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    You'll need to say which OS and Compiler you have
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    No OS, it is firmware. Processor is 8051

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    Well, not knowing the device you're using in particular, I'll just
    point out one fact about most UARTS: the TxD line is tied to a
    shift register that's loaded when the next byte is to be transmitted.
    If you wanted all 1's for 8 bit times, you could do it by transmitting
    a 1 (IIRC); you'd get 8 high bit times. You'll have start/stop and parity bit issues possibly. IIRC RS-232 transmits a negative voltage for
    a space (0 bit) and a positive voltage for a mark (1 bit), but I get
    them confused sometimes

    If it's not a generic UART maybe it has a specific way of toggling the


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