Thread: 9 Pin Serial or the 24 Pin?

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    9 Pin Serial or the 24 Pin?

    Ok im starting to get into hardware at a slow rate.

    I want to convert a NES controller to work with the PC by easly re wiring it.

    I found out the correct power supply for each one.

    I can write the drivers for each one...

    Is there any reason why I should pick the 9pin over the 24pin?

    All I need is 5 volts... So both work...

    Anyone do this and thought, Man I should have used the X pin..

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    i don't know anything about programming or wiring up controllers, but isn't it 25 pins? there are 2 types of serial ports, one is 9 pin and one is 25. 9 pin on the computer side is male and the 25 pin is male, but it seems to me that the 9 pins are more common. usually you get 2 of them on more modern pcs. i might opt for the 9 pin as you might not find the 25 pin as easily on other systems. (assuming you are in fact speaking of the serial ports, and not the gameport on your sound card). also since there's 2 of the 9 pins, you could hook up 2 controllers. lemme know if you're talking about something totally different...

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