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    ppp dialup connections

    hi gang ,
    am gonna build a software to facilitate file transfer across dial up wan connections.
    assume i have no dialup connection in access!

    i know that winsock ease the case by letting me write my program using socket as if both my server and client are loacated in a lan , so with just using some socket programming i can build up the system.
    first if i am wrong correct me !
    then am faced with security freaks which i guess i might use pptp
    in middle.
    so what are challenges in this case .

    plus if anyone has captured ppp packets before NCP comes up ,please give me clue in this case .
    ppp establishment in order :
    1- LCP (framing around layer3 datagram)
    2- authentication (...)
    3- NCP (negociating layer3 parameters between server and client).

    before step 3 no one can capture using winpcap enabled application ...
    so please anyone gimmi e clue..
    tanxc in advance

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    You shouldn't care about the wan, only the end lans on both sides, so you can use winsock for your client and server programs.
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