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    bool keyHit(void)
      /* Get a handle to console input buffer */
      HANDLE  stdIn = GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE);
      /* Save the console mode so we can restore it later */
      DWORD   saveMode;
      GetConsoleMode(stdIn, &saveMode);
      /* Set the console mode. The primary purpose of this is
       * to make sure ENABLE_LINE_INPUT is disabled. As its name 
       * suggests ENABLE_LINE_INPUT will not return until the end of
       * the line while we are interested in individual characters. */ 
      SetConsoleMode(stdIn, ENABLE_PROCESSED_INPUT);
      bool  ret = false;
      /* This waits 1 millisecond for the input buffer to be signalled
       * The input buffer enters the signalled state when one or more characters
       * are available. If the input buffer is signalled WaitForSingleObject()
       * will return WAIT_OBJECT_0 and we set ret to true to indicate that there
       * is character(s) in the input buffer. If the input buffer does not become
       * signalled in the timeout period it will return WAIT_TIMEOUT. */
      if (WaitForSingleObject(stdIn, 1) == WAIT_OBJECT_0) ret = true;
      /* We restore the console mode that we saved at the start of the function. */
      SetConsoleMode(stdIn, saveMode);
      /* We return the value of ret */
    getChar() is very similar, except that it uses ReadConsole() to actually read a character from the console input buffer.

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    > and i never put code in my programs that i dont understand..
    Highlight functions you don't know about and press F1
    We're not going to spoon-feed the whole program for you.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    i cant press f1, i dont have msdn installed

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