Thread: port 80 in use!!!!!

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    port 80 in use!!!!!

    I was recently attempting to transfer a file to my friend via yahoo msenger and a window poped up and told me that port 80 is in use, so it assigned me to use port 81. How can that be.

    It kind of freaks me out because last time i sent a file they uploaded and saved it on their server. scary. any ideas what is up

    I also did netstat at the cmd prompt and i never saw anything about that port being used.

    anything else i'm not doing?

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    Well port 80 is the standard HTTP port so it might just have assumed it wasn't free. Of course if you have IIS installed it might be taking that port.

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    if you type just netstat it will show you only the outgoing connections you need to type netstat -na for listening or incoming connections

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