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    I am writing client program, using sockets. The client also has to accept responses.

    I connect to the server ok, can send requests ok. The problem is when I try to recv().

    The main program deals with the send()ing stuff, I have fork()ed a new process to sit and recv() responses from the server.

    The program breaks after it has recieved one responce. I am using the same file descriptor for both send() and recv(), could this be the problem?

    The error message is:
    recv: Connection reset by peer

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Most of us aren't telepathic (not sure about Prelude and Salem), so it would help if you showed some code.
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    Based on the information you've provided, it appears the server is disconnecting from you after sending the response (much like an HTTP server).
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    @afisher: Are we talking about a web server here?

    Assuming we are...

    >>The program breaks after it has recieved one responce.
    What was the response? If it was a good response (eg a web page), then your connection is possibly being closed because you didn't set the http keep-alive header. If it was a bad response, or simply no data at all, then your request was probably bad in the first place.
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