Thread: why would you use a repeater in your network?

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    why would you use a repeater in your network?

    Can someone please PLEASE explain why you would use a reapeter in a network and what it DOSE!

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    Question: Why use a packet repeater?

    Answer - depends what your use is: Either because you want to extend a cable beyond its maximum distance (Fast ethernet is about 100 meters) OR because your a stupid person trying to build a network.

    If your trying to extend a cable, then you can stop reading right here.

    Multi-Port Repeaters (AKA HUBS) are NAUGHTY. In this day and age there should be ZERO hubs per network. They were replaced LONG AGO with switches, which provide many MANY advantages over hubs.

    Not a month goes by when I dont find a situation where a small network grew out of control and the idiots running it simply added on hubs and more hubs chaining them all up. This creates situations where collisions are out of control, the network slows to a crawl, and nobody is happy.

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    is it a wireless router rpeater you are talking about?? well if it is then that is for if you get to far from your wireless router it will pick up the signals somewhere in between and send them back out again so that it reackes the access point

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