Has anyone had any experience with writing C/C++ or JAva programs for a palmtop device?

The device we are using is a Tungsten T model, and i have downloaded and run the simulator from Palm OS for their PalmOS 5.1, and i have installed the development IDE for developing C/C++ programs for a palmtop device.

I was wondering does anyone have any ideas/pointers as to installing my own developed programs onto the palmtop itself via hotsync/conduit or or some other mechanism.

I also am investigating the possibility of using Java Micro Edition to develop other applications using sun's MIDP 1.0 as this seems to be the only supported version at the moment (version 2.0 is not supported on our devices at the moment - they are old models). How do i go about installing the JVM on the device and also porting over a program written using the Java ME onto this.

Can these program be tested via the simulator to give an accurate representation of the programs behaviour on the Palm OS?

If anyone can give me any guidance on this as i have just begun to investigate this and need to know soon whether this is possible.

Thanks in advance