Thread: TCP/IP and Win32 SDK Books

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    Talking TCP/IP and Win32 SDK Books

    I know a little bit of Win32 - enough for a framework of an openGL application. But I want to learn more about win32. Is it the best way to create apps? I want to stay away from MFC.

    I also want to learn the basics of TCP/IP programming. Enough to make a simple networked game, or a client or something.

    What would you recommend in those areas? Or would you not recommend win32? something else better? What tutorials, or resources? Thanks

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    Petzold and Network Programming for Windows.

    Search the boards.
    This has been discussed at great length in numerous threads - probably why you haven't had a response till now.


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    I highly recommend Network Programming for Microsoft Windows, Second Edition by Anthony Jones and Jim Ohmund.


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    Here is the defacto standard

    It is by Richard Stevens and is called "Unix Network Programming".

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